I love to read, mostly speculative fiction. If you haven’t guessed, I like coffee, too. Also, I’m pretty active over in the r/Fantasy community on Reddit as u/CoffeeArchives.

My reviews are my own opinion and cover what I liked or didn’t like about a book. I try to stay mostly positive and give you enough information to decide whether you might enjoy the book or not.

I’ll probably cover some books, movies, TV shows, and other stuff here, too. The posts will come regularly on a semi-regular basis. Probably.

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Reviews and Brews

These reviews will cover either the first book in a series or the full series. Either way, the will beĀ spoiler-free. This review series won’t have numerical ratings, but it will have delicious beverage pairings.

Sips of Fantasy

These reviews will combine several short stories, most of which will be available to read for free online. This series uses the five-cup rating system, which is exactly like the five-star system, only tastier.

More to Come…

Don’t worry, I have plenty of coffee-themed ideas (some of which involve actual coffee and coffee shops). When I’m not enjoying speculative fiction or fine beverages, I’m paid to be an engineer and do math stuff. There might be some of that, too.