Favorite Sites


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A massive community of friendly fantasy enthusiasts, including authors, readers, bloggers, and more.

The Fantasy Inn

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A team-up of six fantasy lovers who post quality reviews, thoughtful articles, and top-notch parody book covers.

Tome and Tankard Inn

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What’s not to love about a fantasy review blog that includes original recipes for delicious (and intoxicating) cocktails?

The Weatherwax Report

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Esme reads and reviews more books singlehandedly than most collaborative blogs, many of them by indie and self-published authors.

The Fantasy Hive

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A team of fantasy lovers (and excellent authors) united to create a hub for all things fantasy: book reviews, games, author interviews, features, serial fiction, and more!

Borrowed Bookshelf

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A blog dedicated to exploring books by authors from around the world, focusing on minority authors. Check this out if you’re interested in quality books that you’ve probably never heard of before.

The Tenacious Reader

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Run by one of the moderators of r/Fantasy, The Tenacious Reader has an enormous catalog of high-quality reviews, as well as the most organized blog layouts I’ve seen.



These guys do just about everything: book reviews, author interviews, writing competitions, fantasy anthologies, charity drives, and more.